This DDS VFO is a modified version of the original Raduino opensource design by VU2ESE OM Ashar Farhan

It is a hack-able board utilizing an Arduino Nano to control a  Si5351 synthesizer. Works with various open source codes available online

16 x 2 and  20 x4 LCD display can be mounted on the PCB.

Nextion Display and other OLED Display can be attached using cable and connecting it to the pins as defined in the sketch.

Compatible with most of the home brewed receivers and transceivers. 


Display options

1. 16 x 02 LCD Display (Can be fixed on the mounts provided on board)

2. 20 x 04 LCD Display (Can be fixed on the mounts provided on board)

3. OLED Display  

4. Nextion Display

Ports Available

6 Digital ports (D2 - D7)

8 Analog ports (A0 - A7)

3 Oscillators (Clk0, Clk1, Clk2)

Fixed Digital Ports used for Display 

LCD_RS    8

LCD_E     9

LCD_D4    10

LCD_D5    11

LCD_D6    12

LCD_D7    13


Work with almost all the open source codes available for Si5351 based VFO. One needs to be careful while assigning the connection ports

Most of these software can be found on 

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SI5351 Based DDS VFO

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