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Radio Brewery is formed by radio amateurs with the guidance from senior hams.

When we started into hobby we had to go and hunt for good quality components and accessories. Most of them available at selected shops but not at a single place that too far from home.

We want to keep the things simple for most of the amateurs by trying to bring most of the stuff at once single place.

Most of the newcomers in the hobby struggle to get the parts and components to get on to the hobby and many a times they pay multi-fold price for the components and accessories that they buy. We ourselves had experienced that even after paying a high price we do not get the quality stuff.

Our aim is to provide the best of products at an affordable price. This is to help new and old amateurs to get fast ON AIR
All these components are randomly sample tested to make sure we provide quality stuff at an affordable price.

At RadioBrewery we currently stock a range of Amateur Radio Parts and Accessories. Our focus is on Components and Accessories which will make practicing this hobby an ease.

We are currently working with some of the famous home brewers to get quality kits designed for home brewing.

RadioBrewery Brand is owned by Mahesho Technologies LLP holding Dealer Possession License from W.P.C. SRHQ Chennai.

We would also request you to add your review once you have received the product.

- Team RadioBrewery